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Sepertinya akan ada beberapa perubahan yang cukup signifikan di website, perubahan kemungkinan terjadi dalam perhitungan nilai perklik, pembayaran payout minimum dan harga sewa referral.
Perubahan terjadi jika dan hanya jika memang diperlukan dan dalam hal ini TVIptc akan menurunkan harga iklan jika itu memang diperlukan untuk menarik pengiklan yang lebih banyak ke situs ini.
Perubahan jika memang akan terjadi maka akan dimulai pada hari Senin, 17 Mei 2010.
Dan Admin mengatakan " Jika perubahan ini terjadi, itu akan menjadi perubahan terakhir, akhir, dan permanen ke situs. Juga akan menetapkan perjanjian untuk menjaga situs ini selama 3 tahun. Kami akan tetap legit dan membayar, tidak peduli apa"

Berikut adalah kutipan dari pesan Admin :


Thanks for choosing as one of your paid-to-click sites! I really am happy to see so many of you here and even happier to have paid many of you. I would like some feedback why we do not have very many advertisers using our services. I've invited advertisers from many sites, but we've had only a handful come.

The reason I can think of is because $10 is more than many ptc sites for 1,000 views. This might not be the reason since many ptc sites charge a lot more than $10 for 1,000 views.

If you can provide any helpful insights, please share them by contacting support.

The option I have is to lower the pricing for advertisers to $7.50 for 1,000 views. If this happens it would lower the amount we can pay per click to .005 (half of what we are paying now).

Please help us avoid this change, but if this is the only way to bring in more advertisers, then we'll need to move in this direction (more ads = more you can earn).

If we did move in this direction, minimum payouts would be reduced by 50% also; making it just as easy to reach the minimum payout as it is now.

Renting referrals would be 25 cents each. Referral earnings would be reserved for upgraded members only. The $12 upgrade rate would stay the same, since $1 a month seems better than fair.

Please contact support ONLY IF you can help attract more advertisers to avoid this change. If this change occurs, it would be the last, final, and permanent change to the site.

If we are not able to gain a solution by Sunday, these changes will go into effect Monday May 17th.
I want you all to have enough ads here to earn money - and that's the reason you're here, right?

Also: I'm about to set an agreement to keep this site for 3 years. We will remain legit and paying, no matter what!

Thanks for your patience through this time. I really do appreciate you all coming and earning with us. I want to help you earn more than you are now! We can accomplish this with more ads!



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  1. Nurrakhmad

    Perubahan sudah berlaku kliatannya sekarang....
    Pay per click : $0.005
    Pay per referral click : $0.0025
    Rent referral : $0.25
    recycle : $0.1
    Payout minimal:
    member standart : $5
    member upgrade : $1
    Upgrade member : $12 pertahun

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