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Postby admin » Sat May 29, 2010 1:34 am

I'd like to start off by saying that I actually do read and respond to every support ticket. I have received a number of responses to how the site was setup. Free members were asking questions like, "How am I supposed to earn anything here?" I have received a number of suggestions, and even though I said I wouldn't make changes - I decided with the feedback I was having that it was time to make a change to keep people happy and clicking with us.

It's hard to upgrade when you haven't had a successful trial YET with receiving your payment. I'm sure with all the payment proofs coming in that you're also very excited to have your own story to tell! If you haven't been paid yet, keep going - you will! This site has not lied in the amount we have paid out, like other paid-to sites.

Changes won't often happen, but recommendations are always accepted - but keep in mind that I have to balance how changes affect the Clickers, the Advertisers, and the Site as a whole.

I've made it a lot easier for both free and upgraded members to earn money.

Standard 100 Refs Average of 4 clicks a day
$1.04 per day $31.20 per month $379.60 per year

Golden 100 Refs Average of 4 clicks a day
$2.09 per day $62.70 per month $762.85 per year

Golden 1000 Refs Average of 4 clicks a day
$20.09 per day $602.70 per month $7332.85 per year

Golden Members can have UNLIMITED referrals.

AlertPay will soon be the only payment processor we'll use. Why? *INSTANT PAYMENTS*

We are currently calibrating everything with AlertPay. PayPal & AlertPay have both been available for our members in the past. Going forward we will drop PayPal to continue Instant AlertPay Payments to our members. Having the funds coming into two different accounts was difficult and time consuming to send to AlertPay to send payments, plus AlertPay has lengthy processing times to new Admins. PayPal may return in the future - we'll see how things go.

Get the word out to Advertise with us! We need sponsors to place ads on our site, otherwise no one can earn with us. We are paying, and always will - so keep those advertisers coming our way and we'll have the funding to send money YOUR way!


Charles Scoville

Earnings Estimator

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    saya juga lagi ngejar dollar ni bang.mampir yah ke gubuk saya sambil tukeran link hehehe jangan lupa comment di postingan yah

    Keep Blogging..

  1. Nurrakhmad

    Siap... gan....
    Segera meluncurr.... Ayo tukeran link Gan....

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